Accepting the apartment

Once you have accepted the apartment offer, it’s time to sign the rental agreement and start planning your move.

Rental agreement

The lease agreement can be signed once you have:

  • Visited the apartment
  • Paid the security deposit
  • Provided the required attachments requested with the apartment application. We request the attachments only when a suitable apartment is found.

Please be prepared to present your identification. For couples, the rental agreement will be made in both names.

The keys to the apartment will be handed over no later than the start date of the agreement.

The rental agreement can be either for an indefinite period or for a fixed term. An indefinite rental agreement is valid until it is terminated. A fixed-term rental agreement binds both parties for the duration of the agreed term.

Security deposit

The information regarding the payment of the security deposit can be found in the apartment offer. The security deposit must be paid or a payment commitment from Kela (the Finnish Social Insurance Institution) must be provided by the start date of the agreement. The amount of the security deposit is equivalent to 1-3 months’ rent. After the payment of the security deposit, a binding preliminary agreement is formed. Cancelling the premilinary agreement is possible, but the security deposit (one month’s rent) won’t be refunded.

Tenant portal / Residents’ pages

Tenants have access to personal Tenant Portals. You can register for the Tenant Portal as soon as the lease agreement starts. Registration requires strong authentication with online banking credentials or mobile certificate. After registration, you can log in to the Tenant Portal using a username and password. The Tenant Portal allows you to view information related to your tenancy and make maintenance requests, among other things.

Move-in inspection

The tenant must inspect the apartment and fill out the related move-in inspection form within 10 days of moving in. The inspection form can be found in the Tenant Portal.

Home insurance

Kouvolan Asunnot has comprehensive property insurance that covers damages to the property. The property insurance does not cover damages to the tenant’s personal property for example in case of water leaks or fires. Therefore, it is necessary for the tenant to have home insurance to protect their personal belongings.

Internet connection

Almost all of our properties include Elisa’s 25 Mbit/s broadband internet connection in the rent. To get the broadband connection, the tenant needs to register and place an order for the connection. The order can be made at an Elisa store or online at

Moving Checklist

  • Make a change of address notification to the local registry office and post office. You can submit the change of address notification electronically on the Posti website or by filling out a form available at the post office or registry office. Go to Posti’s online service (opens in a new tab)
  • Update your address with your bank, insurance company, friends, etc.
  • Arrange a contract with the electricity company for your new address
  • Take out home insurance for your belongings
  • Arrange for the transfer of internet and phone connections with your service provider, if necessary.
  • Check with Kela (Social Insurance Institution of Finland) to see if you are eligible for housing allowance. Go to Kela’s online service, housing benefits (opens in a new tab)
  • Book moving boxes and a moving truck