Rules and regulations

The rules and regulations are designed to ensure common living comfort and safety. Living on the property and in the buildings must comply with the law and these rules, as well as the instructions in the residents’ guide.


The apartment and the grounds of the property must provide peace and quiet for other residents. The general quiet time is from 10 p.m. to 7.00 a.m.

The apartment must be carefully looked after. Any faults or deficiencies detected must be reported without delay.

If the apartment is left unused for a long period of time, the landlord must be informed.

Balconies and private gardens

The balcony must be kept tidy, and in winter it must be cleared of snow. For fire safety reasons, the balcony may not be used as storage. Barbecuing on the balcony is prohibited. Ventilation and drying of textiles is allowed inside the balcony railings.

If a dwelling has its own private garden, the resident is responsible for its maintenance and keeping it tidy. Fire safety must be observed when barbecuing in a private garden.

Common areas and courtyards

Common areas must be kept quiet and spending unnecessary time there is prohibited. Rubbish and cigarette ends must be put in rubbish bins. Consumption of intoxicating substances in the courtyard and common areas is not allowed.

The laundry room and drying room can be used from 7 am to 10 pm. 

For fire safety reasons, goods may only be stored in areas designated for this purpose. No goods may be stored in the stairwells or in the corridors of storage facilities, cellars and attics. Any items left in the corridors will be removed. The storage of flammable liquids and internal combustion engine equipment in storage rooms is not permitted.

Barbecues are allowed in the courtyard in the designated area.

Feeding birds and other wild animals is prohibited on the property.


Cars must be kept in the parking area in the spaces reserved for them. The parking spaces are for roadworthy vehicles. Driving in front of entrances is allowed in exceptional circumstances and only for short periods. Repairing and washing vehicles on the property is prohibited.

The car heater socket is intended only for the car engine heater. The cover of the enclosure must be kept locked and the heating cable must not be left hanging from the socket after use. The car heater socket must not be used for charging an electric or hybrid vehicle.


Smoking is prohibited in the apartment and in all common areas. Smoking is also prohibited near building entrances and air intakes, in children’s play areas and on communal balconies. When smoking on the balcony of an apartment, care must be taken to avoid causing inconvenience to other residents.

In smoke-free properties, smoking is prohibited in all indoor and outdoor areas of the property, unless a smoking area is specifically designated.

Waste management

Household waste must be taken to the waste containers in the courtyard in accordance with the sorting instructions. Waste must not be left outside the containers. The removal of non-household waste is the responsibility of the resident.


Outside the apartment, pets must be kept on a leash and must not disturb the occupants of the building. Pets are not allowed in children’s play areas and their immediate vicinity. Pets are not allowed to soil the building or courtyard.

Breach of rules and regulations

Any breach of the rules may result in liability for damages or termination of the rental agreement.

Residents must ensure that their guests respect these rules.