About us

Kouvolan Asunnot Oy is a rental housing company owned by the city of Kouvola and the largest operator in the rental housing market in Kouvola. We offer affordable and comfortable apartments in various parts of Kouvola. Our housing stock includes a comprehensive range of apartment buildings, townhouses, and row houses – suitable for different life situations.

The company is non-profit. The profits from our business operations are used for property maintenance, quality improvement, and investments.

Kouvolan Asunnot employs professionals in customer service, real estate, and administration, who enable the company to have good capabilities for sustainable business development.

Through good customer service and long-term construction and maintenance operations, we take care of our property portfolio and positively impact the well-being and quality of life of our residents.

Reliable partners enable Kouvolan Asunnot to maintain high-quality and continuously evolving operations in the rental housing market.

Turnover 23 M €
Property tax 1 M €

Properties 169
Apartments 4 160
Occupancy rate 91 %

Number of residents 5 200
Resident committees 23

Heat 40 962 MWh
Electricity 3 526 MWh
Water consumption 142 l/resident/day