For students

Welcome to study in Kouvola!

Kouvolan Asunnot Oy has four houses for students. The apartments are primarily unfurnished shared apartments for 2 or 3 persons. Some of the apartments are furnished, and these are primarily reserved for foreign students.

In a shared apartment, each resident has an own lockable room. The kitchen or kitchenette, toilet, bathroom and hallway are shared with the other residents in the apartment.

There are also some family apartments for the families and couples. The family apartments can be applied, when one of the spouses is student. 

Living in the student house is easy: The rent includes water, heating, electricity, internet connection and use of the laundry room and sauna.

All secondary and higher education students in Kouvola can apply for student housing.

There is no actual application period for student housing, but applications can be submitted on a continuous basis. Applications for housing must be submitted using an electronic application form.

You can leave your application as soon as you have been accepted in some educational institution in Kouvola. The application is valid for three months. After that the application must be renewed if you are still in need of an apartment. The application can be renewed either by telephone tel. 020 615 8911 or e-mail opiskelija-asunnot(at)

Summer renting

For the summer period, student housing is also rented to others than students, such as summer workers. The apartments are primarily rented without furniture. The tenancy agreement of a summer resident is made for a fixed period.

Storage rental

If a student goes away for the summer, but wants to return to the same apartment in the autumn, it is possible to leave the apartment in storage rental between May and August. Storage rental is half the normal monthly rent. Only full calendar months count as a storage rental, so if, for example, you return to your home on the 15th of the month, you will have to pay the full rent for that month.

Students can leave their belongings in a locked room and the keys must be returned to Kouvolan Asunnot during their absence. It is possible for the student to visit the apartment during the storage period, for example to pick up some things, but the keys must be returned the same day.

Housing can be applied for by filling in an electronic application form (opens in a new window).

Further information is available from the office of Kouvolan Asunnot Oy, tel. 020 615 8911 or opiskelija-asunnot(a)

Guide of Housing

You can find more information about living in our stdent houses in our Guide of Housing.

Granting of housing

Housing is primarily granted in the order in which the applications arrive. However in the beginning of semester priority is given to the new students who come from other city than Kouvola.

We send housing offers to those who have been granted housing. We aim to inform those who need housing in the autumn of their housing by the end of July.

The security

The security deposit for shared apartments is 300 euros and for family apartments 600 euros. The security must be paid under the terms stated in the housing offer. A receipt of the paid security deposit must be presented before the tenancy agreement is signed.

Tenancy agreement

The tenancy agreement is usually signed for a period valid until further notice. It is signed in our office before moving to the apartment. A copy of the document indicating your study position or of the admission notice of the school must be delivered in conjunction with the signing of the tenancy agreement. The key to the apartment is given to you in the same conjunction.


Pets can only be kept in the family apartments (not in shared apartments).

Change of housing

Housing can be changed for a justified reason. We charge a change fee of 100 euros for the change of housing.

Termination of tenancy agreement

The tenancy agreement is terminated by means of a notice of termination in writing. The tenancy agreement cannot be terminated by telephone. The period of notice is one month. You can terminate your agreement to expire on either the 15th or the last day of the month: the contract terminated on the 15th or before during the current month will end on the 15th or last day of the following month, depending on your choice. A rental agreement terminated after the 15th of the current month always expires on the last day of the following month.

The family apartment agreement must be terminated by the persons who have signed the agreement.

Electornic termination of tenancy agreement (opens to new window) (HOX! Requires authentication with a mobile certificate or online banking credentials)

Moving out and cleaning

Upon moving away, you must clean the apartment so that the new tenant can take the apartment into use without cleaning it. Remember to clean the balcony as well. Empty your room and the storage of your own goods.

The costs of inadequate cleaning are charged to the tenant. After moving out, the room and shared facilities will be inspected to verify the condition and cleanliness of the apartment. Normal wear and tear due to ordinary living and the age of the apartment are taken into account in the inspection.

The security deposit will be returned within approximately one month from the finishing of the tenancy agreement. The security will be used after moving out if the tenant has not complied with the relevant obligations, such as neglected to clean the apartment, return all the keys or pay rents.